Giving Back to the Community

DEWA is basically a non-profit, charitable, Educational foundation with an aim to establish and maintain non-profitable schools in tribal/rural areas. The basic focus of this foundation is to educate the most disadvantaged and poor sections of tribal areas. Under DEWA Foundation so far we have established three non-profitable schools in 2014, 2016 and 2017 respectively, in village MarghaZakaryazai, Khanozai and Churmian, while enrolled of 278 students and employed of 25 female teachers. To sustain DEWA in the face of financial constraints, we have planned to establish profitable schools with the name of “The Joycation”, in the metropolitan cities. The Joycation has launched its first ever Montessori villa in Quetta in 2017. The Montessori villa concept is to improve the children critical thinking through activities.

The basic theme of our social entrepreneurial idea is, “A profitable school in metropolitan city will sustain a non-profitable school in tribal area”