Our Vision

Our vision is a community where children are respected, valued and loved so they can grow, through their learning, into independent and knowledgeable adults who will contribute positively to our society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality Montessori education to children aged from 3 to 6 years and to bring our vision into reality.

Our Values

. Quality
. Caring
. Integrity
. Respect
. Responsiveness
. Teamwork

The following is the admission procedure at The Joycation Montessori Villa

Parents must first register their child in the Accounts Office of the school. Please remember that registration of the child does not guarantee admission to the school. The Accounts Office can be found by contacting the campus

After registration, the child must appear for an entrance interview along with parent or guardian.

Once the child clears the entrance interview, parents should pick-up an admission form from the Accounts Office. The admission form should be filled in very carefully (in BLOCK LETTERS) and submitted to the Accounts Office with the following documents & requirements:
a. Copy of Birth Certificate or B-Form of the child
b. Two photographs
c. Copy of School Leaving Certificate (if the child has attended another school before)
d. Father’s or Guardian’s ID Card copy
e. Payment (School Fees). Please note that there is no policy of concession in fees

After payment of all school fees, parents must collect the admission package from the Accounts Office consisting of the following items:
a. Booklist
b. School Prospectus
c. School Badge
d. Welcome Letter
e. Forecast of Major Events
f. Fee Card


1. Last date for payment of monthly tuition fee is the 12th of every month, after which incremental fine becomes payable.
2. In case you withdraw your child from school, you must provide one month’s advance written notice, otherwise one month’s advance fee becomes payable.
3. Collect a receipt for all payments made to the Accounts Office. 4. Read the instructions on the back of the admission form to familiarize yourself with the rules of payment.