• The Joycation Montessori Villa

    Our students are the future caretakers of our Earth. These fun Earth Day activities help empower kids to have a positive impact on the planet. Earth day activity done at The Joycation Montessori Villa.

  • The Joycation Montessori Villa

    If a child can't learn the way we teach, may be we should teach the way they learn.

    Montessori Villa

The Joycation Montessori Villa

The Joycation (where Joy refers “Enjoy” and Cation refers to “Education”) is a school that is established to bring new ideas and innovation to bring improvement in typical and conventional schooling systems in Pakistan. We hope that your association with us will be enjoyable and productive. We shall do our utmost efforts to ensure your child is happy and let him achieve his full potential, both academically and socially. We aim to deliver high quality education within a caring and disciplined environment. To maintain the quality standards of Education and keep its services sustainable, it’s mandatory to keep a strong partnership and collaboration between home and school. We also hope that this website will provide you useful and knowledgeable information to help figure out the impression of the school. We are starting the Montessori villa for the purpose of bringing change, by opposing the traditional way of education to a modern style educating methods. Montessori is a revolutionary method of observing and supporting the natural development and growth of children that has been tested world-wide for over 100 years. Montessori educational practice helps children develop creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and time-management skills. It prepares them to contribute to society and helps building up their personalities. The basis of Montessori practice in the classroom is mixed age group (3 – 6 ages in one class), individual choice of activities, research and uninterrupted concentration. Because children enjoy practicing work rather than doing a textbook study. In addition to that, their memorizing power is quicker and efficient than the adults. They love what they learn and they enjoy performing and learning new things. As you read through these pages you will discover the unique practices that make Montessori the fastest growing and most successful method of education today. Maria Montessori spoke of education for life. Our goal here at The Joycation Montessori Villa is to support each child’s optimal development. We strongly believe that emotional stability is key to intellectual and physical growth. The Joycation Montessori Villa is looking for families who are committed to supporting their children’s adaptation to a healthy social environment.